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Fort Myers False Allegations Attorney

Fort Myers False Allegations Lawyer

Regardless of whether an accusation of a criminal charge is true or not, it will activate a chain reaction that may result in criminal charges and even jail time if you are convicted. False allegations are an unfortunate reality in numerous cases throughout Florida. Whether this is a case involving a sex crime, violent crime, domestic violence, rape or any other type of criminal offense, the repercussions of false allegations will likely be long lasting and disastrous if a defense attorney does not become involved immediately.

No matter what crime you have been accused of, we believe that you deserve to have a legal professional protect your rights and your interests. A Voelker Law Fort Myers criminal defense lawyer is experienced and aggressive and is dedicated to protecting your rights and liberties in the face of false allegations. Our combined total of over 100 years of legal experience enables us to provide superior criminal defense representation.

False Allegation Lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida

Any person who works regularly with children, who is going through a legal matter, who has a jealous spouse or ex-spouse or perhaps was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time might be at risk of facing false allegations of a criminal offense. These may be entirely false, exaggerated or may be carried out for the purpose of revenge, anger, jealousy or in an attempt to win a legal battle (such as a child custody case).

If you been falsely accused of a crime, don’t fall victim to a conviction, criminal penalties, or a ruined reputation just because someone decided to make false allegations of a crime that you did not commit. Instead, work with an aggressive criminal defense attorney who can actually work to protect your rights to prove that these allegations are false.

Falsely accused? Contact a Fort Myers false allegation lawyer at Voelker Law regarding your criminal charges!