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Fort Myers Juvenile Crimes Attorney

We often hear from parents or gaurdians that are in the difficult situation of finding legal representation for their children. We understand that sometimes good kids get caught up in bad situations. If your child has been accused of or arrested for any type of criminal offense, a lawyer at Voelker Law may be able to help you.

Our experienced defense attorneys handle all types of juvenile cases throughout Lee County Florida including Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and the surrounding areas. Some of the juvenile crime cases that we can handle include, but are not limited to the following:

Underage DUI
Drug Crimes

Drug Possession
Drug Distribution
Prescription Drug Crimes

Gang Offenses
Weapons Offenses
Violent Crimes

Assault and Battery

Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault

Theft Crimes

Auto Theft

Domestic Violence

Juvenile Crime Lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida

Defending a juvenile crime requires a particular knowledge of and familiarity with the Florida juvenile court system. This system operates differently and follows different procedures. For an attorney to be effective, he or she must have experience specifically with juvenile criminal defense.

The juvenile court system is designed to rehabilitate juvenile offenders, rather than to simply deal out punishment that will not give a juvenile the chance to learn from his or her actions. However, in some situations a prosecutor may push to have a juvenile offender tried as an adult. This typically occurs for repeat offenders, older minors and those accused of an extremely serious or violent offense.

Juvenile Crime Lawyer in Fort Myers

At Voelker Law, we fight to keep the juvenile cases in juvenile court where we believe they belong. We think that children do not deserve to face the same harsh criminal court system that adults face. We apply our experience and knowledge in this area to help our clients avoid maximum penalties and convictions in juvenile court.

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