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Fort Myers Prostitution Attorney

According to Florida statutes, prostitution is the “Giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire.” Lewdness is defined as “Any indecent or obscene act.”

If you have been accused of prostitution, you may face incarceration, fines, and even sex offender registration from a conviction. At Voelker Law, our Fort Myers defense attorneys are committed to helping those who have been charged with or arrested for prostitution or any related sex crime in south Florida. Our commitment to superior criminal defense representation has enabled us to successfully protect the rights of numerous clients through our years of practice.

When you work with Voelker Law, you'll have the benefit of over 100 years of collective legal experience at on your side. Contact us to schedule a free confidential consultation with an experienced lawyer who can answer your questions to help you fully understand what you are up against and what you can do to avoid imprisonment and other criminal penalties. We have offices in Fort Myers and we also serve clients in Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel and the surrounding areas throughout all of Lee County.

Fort Myers Prostitution Lawyer

Even in the face of innocence and false allegations, a defendant is not likely to see justice unless he or she has a skilled criminal defense lawyer on his or her side. At Voelker Law, we understand this, which is why we are so dedicated to helping good people fight these types of charges.

A person might face prostitution charges even if he or she did not actually engage in sexual activity for money. Offering sex for money or money for sex is also a criminal offense and violating this law may result in the same penalties as for prostitution. Additionally, a person could face criminal charges after soliciting an undercover officer. These cases can be tricky and it may be hard to understand whether you were the victim of entrapment without sound legal counsel.

To find out how you can avoid a conviction and the penalties associated with a prostitution or lewd acts conviction, contact a Prostitution attorney in Fort Myers at Voelker Law today!