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Fort Myers Traffic Offense Attorney

Have you received a traffic ticket or been arrested for a traffic offense in or around Lee County, Florida? If so, a traffic offense lawyer in Fort Myers at Voelker Law may be able to help you evaluate your situation so you can decide what to do. It may be that paying the ticket and moving on will be in your best interests. Or, you may actually be facing criminal proceedings in court and may be in danger of imprisonment if convicted. No matter your specific situation, our lawyers can review your case and give you an honest evaluation of what you are up against.

A traffic offense may include any of a number of moving violations, ranging from speeding tickets to DUI or even vehicular manslaughter. Less serious traffic offenses are punishable by only a fine and points on your driving record. Other traffic offenses are misdemeanor or felony crimes and may be punishable by imprisonment, fines, probation and driver’s license suspension.

Fort Myers Traffic Ticket Attorney

The repercussions of a particular traffic offense conviction will vary depending upon the moving violation itself, whether the driver has prior offenses, whether anyone was injured, whether drugs and/or alcohol were involved and whether an auto accident occurred as a result of the offense. Any violation of traffic law may result in points on your driving record, and if you accumulate enough points on your record, you may face increased insurance costs or even driver’s license suspension. This is in addition to any criminal penalties (fines, imprisonment, community service, probation) that you may face.

Traffic Offense Lawyer in Fort Myers, Florida

At Voelker Law, our traffic offense attorneys in Fort Myers are committed to helping our clients reach a positive outcome for their traffic offense case no matter how serious the charges are. We can handle all types of traffic cases throughout Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, and the surrounding areas in Lee County. Some of the cases we handle include the following:

Speeding Tickets
Running a Red Light
Driving Without a License
Driving on a Suspended License
Driving Without Insurance
Hit and Run
Reckless Driving
Traffic Tickets
Vehicular Manslaughter
Commercial Driver Tickets

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